Week 1! Introduction


Hi everyone! My name is Christine and I am pursuing a bachelors degree in accountancy.(Hiiii specifically to the other student who is also majoring in accounting) Here is a quick intro about myself:

  • Born & raised in Long Beach
  • I am 100% Korean: first generation
  • I am absolutely in love with my pets. I have a shih tzu named Puma and recently took in a stray kitten, he currently doesn’t have a name. Feel free to make suggestions, I will post a picture of him.
  • I have an obsession with fitness/exercise

I hope to meet all of you at some point in the semester and we can share our inspiration/ ideas!


2 thoughts on “Week 1! Introduction

  1. Hmm… boy cat names…
    • Felix
    • Freddie
    • Framar

    So your parents were born in Korea and emigrated to Long Beach / USA and you were born here? Chinese who are born here are sometimes called “ABC’s” (American Born Chinese) IDK what American Born Korean’s are called, but this website / blog could be a cool place to write about your experiences, thoughts, impressions…

    And/or you might blog about Fitness / Exercise. Of course there are a lot of Fitness Blogs already, but I’m sure there’s room for 1 more!

    Or you could even blog about Accounting! It’s true! Some people might think accounting doesn’t sound that exciting, but when you show how slicing a spreadsheet a different way than anyone normally does, you discovered how a company was wasting a million dollars… I bet peeps would find THAT pretty exciting! 😀

    You’re off to a great start Christine! LMK if you have questions about anything!


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