Week 3 // Classmate Convo // Christopher “Morgan” Moore


I briefly met Morgan in class during a Tuesday session group meeting. I decided to interview him and get to know him a little better.

Morgan was born on March 25, meaning he is an Aeries. My mom is an Aeries. Morgan’s favorite beer to drink is PBR but on a trip to Canada he discovered a cultch wheat based beer flavored with cucumber. Morgan really enjoyed that as well. The last expo he went to was the Broad. Morgan has never smoked a full cigarette and doesn’t have any tattoos but plans on getting his first one soon. He wears a size 10 on his feet and last time he visited the dentist was last spring break. He uses curse words but only for emphasis. In the 7th grade he got arrested for bringing bud to school, but the experience has changed him. Morgan enjoys shopping to de-stress. He was a former SAE member on CSULB but has since left. The last concert Morgan went to to was in Vancouver. It was called Pemberton. He told me its similar to Coachella, but with less posers. I asked him what his views on marriage were. Since Morgan is from Texas, he was raised in a traditional family and wants to one day create his own beautiful family. He bravely admitted he has commitment issues at this time in his life but he wants to settle down one day.


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