Week 4 // Classmate Conversation // Amber Bolden

IMG_5248-2Amber Bolden is a Taurus. When I asked her what her favorite beer was she replied that she wasn’t a drinker.  The last time that Amber cried was 2 weeks ago. I was a little apprehensive to ask why she cried. Amber is a really sweet girl and thankfully, she made me feel very comfortable about asking. She told me that she was crying because of the stress she felt with school and work. Amber loves how supportive her mom is. When Amber was younger, she felt that her mom’s sternness was coming from a negative place. Now that she is away from home, she can now see that her mom was coming from a place of love. Amber’s biggest pet peeve is when people interrupt. I asked her what her biggest insecurity is and she said that her nose is a feature about her self that used to make her insecure, but she has now embraced her lovely nose. Amber is currently single. She believes that a child learns how to interact in relationships by watching how the parents interact. Amber’s dad was not present in her life and she sees how that has affected her romantic relationships. After talking to her, she doesn’t seem like the type of girl who will ever be dependent on a boy. i respect that. Amber has a best friend in her life who is very special. They talk on an everyday basis and she confides in Amber for advice. Amber and her best friend have known one another for 6 years. Amber has been enjoying her time here at CSULB. She likes that the school is mellow and its given her many opportunities to truly find herself. She seems excited to continue her growth and self discovery.


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