Week 4 // Art Experience // Graffiti

I love going to Sunken City in San Pedro. I asked my friends Caitlin and Blake if they wanted to join the adventure. My favorite part about Sunken City is that I get to stay there and paint all day long in peace and its right beside the beautiful ocean. It’s such a rejuvinating experience and I always enjoy collaborating with friends. Graffiti culture fascinates me. I personally don’t see how graffiti poses a threat against humanity. It shouldn’t be illegal but I think the reason that it is illegal is because the government is afraid of the power of art. It prevents order. Government needs order. I love to paint on any surface but I know that for some graffiti artists, they have felonies under their belt and are labeled a criminal simply because they feel that public space should be open for art.

My friends call me Wonton, even though I’m not Chinese. Anyways, here are the pictures I took while painting. Enjoy!


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