Week 5 // Classmate Convo // Patrick Dong


Patrick Dong is a Vietnamese immigrant who moved tot he united states 10 years ago. He is a Virgo and a 5th year at CSULB studying mathematics. The last movie he saw was Kung Fu Panda 3. He enjoys playing acoustic guitar, sleeping, swimming and wants to learn how to surf soon. Patrick’s father passed away in May of 2014. I asked how he coped with such a devastating loss and he said that all he did was keep himself busy. Kept busy by working, taking classes and joining the Karate Club on campus. I was stunned at his strength. He told me that he believes martial arts is a strong discipline source. He believes that martial arts was the reason he was able to cope with the loss of a family member and not allow it to destroy him. I really enjoyed the brief time I was able to talk to Patrick and I wish him well on all his endeavors.



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