Week 6 // Art Experience // Photo Walk

I followed Joshua Hyun on his walk throughout campus to discover the influence of Asian culture at CSULB. A majority of my photos were taken at the Japanese Garden because that is honestly the only Asian influence that is most prevalent on our campus. The Japanese Garden is speechlessly beautiful. All I was thinking when I was walking around the garden was I wished that my dog and boyfriend were there and we brought a blanket and basket of food. It is the picture perfect date spot. Most definitely on my bucket list. On the way to the garden, I thought the walkway with the trees lined up along the side was really beautiful. The shade from the trees make for a breezy, refreshing walk. It reminds me of a scene from Sound of Music when the kids are riding their bikes along the trail with trees along the side. This photo walk was a great experience because normally, I would walk by all of these things with so many things on my mind such as exams, homework, quizzes and assignments I forget to appreciate it. Taking the time to stop at each landmark and take a picture helped remind me what a beautiful campus we have at CSULB.


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