Week 7 // Artist Conversation // Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics

Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist

I spent over an hour talking to Andrea from her childhood to motherhood. She was born in Riverside to a Mormon family. She has 4 siblings and we talked about how the small age gap between all of them made for a really memorable, exciting childhood growing up. Andrea originally went to a community college and got a cosmetology license, but when her husband encouraged her to pursue art she decided to go to CSULB for ceramics. This is her last year at CSULB. Andrea and I talked about our different views on motherhood. I personally feel that bringing a child into the world we live in today is a disadvantage to the child. Andrea, obviously didn’t feel that way and I wanted to hear and discuss her point of view. Out of the many topics we covered, something she told me that helped me change my perspective was she said “nobody is ever ready for motherhood at any age, its all about adjusting.”

Formal Analysis

The sculptures are not a smooth texture. It has lumps and bumps all throughout. There were nails laying beside a couple of the pieces. The nails had sharp points at the ends with a flat top. It didn’t look like nails we use today, they looked like nails ancient civilization would use to carve pictures in walls. Along side some other pieces were white pebble like pieces. If you look closely, they have little hands and feet imprinted on them. There were brownish and red painted colors on every piece. It gave the piece life by giving it shadows. There was a lot of white  colors used as well. Another signature piece she uses are roses. The roses have a smooth texture to it, it made it stand out next to the bumpy texture of the other pieces.

Content Analysis

After talking to Andrea, the exhibit was a spot on representation of the journey she’s been through the last 27 years on this planet. We talked about her childhood growing up in a Mormon household and then later becoming atheist. She later reconnected her relationship with God and is a Christian now. We also talked a lot about the emotional pull and tug mothers experience when deciding to become a mother. She said that she felt afraid to take on that role because she didn’t want to lose herself. The first impression I got from her gallery was empowerment. Motherhood is a selfless, courageous road to travel and Andrea’s art reflects that.

My Experience

Talking with Andrea really gave me a different way to look at motherhood. There is no calculated formula for parenting. It’s a decision of impulse and you do the best you can with the situation at hand. It teaches you lessons you would otherwise never learn. I’m the type of person who is always seeking growth and so maybe in the future  I may decide I want children. Andrea is a very sweet person and was very open with my forth coming questions. I’m glad I decided to talk to her because it gave me an inside look into what motherhood means to someone else.


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