Week 8 // Artist Conversation // Luis Arias

Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibit: Welcome to the Weaving Machine

Media: Wood and Loom/Fabric

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: N/A

Website: luisarias22@hotmail.com

About the Artist

Luis Arias is currently attending CSULB as a fine arts major specializing in wood. Luis was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States in the 80’s during invasion. He is currently living in LA but he is always flying back and forth from different countries. Luis Arias visits Europe often. He travels to Europe every year and so far he has visited Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Turkey. Luis enjoys learning new languages of all types of cultures. Luis Arais’s  favorite football team is Real Madrid.

Formal Analysis

Luis Arias spent about 1-2 years on each piece in his exhibit. He hand crafts everything from the looms to the machine he uses to weave his pieces. Many of his work is made of wood and fabric. The pieces that he exhibited are not only for show. He uses the handmade chairs in his home. I could feel the attention to detail and passion Luis Arias puts into each piece.

Content Analysis

Luis Arias wants people to enjoy handmade quality furniture due to his strong feelings towards commercial products. He considers himself to be anti-Walmart or anti-commercial. He has a deep appreciation for quality and detail along with applicability to daily life. Luis Arias’s favorite media to use is wood because wood can be manipulated to make anything. His favorite Luis Arias derives much of his inspiration from women.

My Experience

Luis Arais strikes me as a person with a strong sense of discipline and patience. His work displays an amazing use of detail and handiwork. His charisma is a very likable quality. I could only imagine what a fulfilling feeling it must be to create something with your own two hands and use your custom handmade piece everyday. We live in an era where everything and anything we need for survival can be instantaneously obtained. Even if building our own chairs may be “inconvenient”, our ancestors lived during time when everything was handmade. Although it might not be required that we make our own things in this era we live in today, it can open up a new perspective about our world of instantaneous gratification.



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