Week 9 // Classmate Convo // Sam Tan


This is Sam Tan. Sam is a Libra and his favorite color is orange. It used to be blue, but he recently changed it. His favorite food to eat are donuts, specifically french crullers. He enjoys listening to alternative, edm, and hip hop. He went to Tramps (rave) with his friends but hasn’t gone to another rave since. He is currently declared as a biology major and previously interned at a hospital. His experience working in the hospital made him realize that the medical field is not suitable for him. This was challenging for Sam to come to terms with. However, Sam decided to take a positive approach to the situation. He is in the process of exploring what career path to tackle next, rather than dwell on lost time. During his free time he enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. He loves to watch anime and popular hits such as Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. He lives in Alhambra and makes a commute of 40 minutes to attend school at CSULB.


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