Week 12 // Art Experience // Geocaching

Man, I was starting to get pretty frustrated with this assignment. The first two caches were a fail. I left feeling pretty disappointed. Right when I was about to give up after my third attempt, I found my first cache! I looked pretty crazy in my gym clothes hanging from bars trying to get this one but it felt really rewarding when I did. Geocaching is totally rad! I think this would be a fun activity to do with my younger brother. Unfortunately he wasn’t with me when I went to look for the caches.

My cache includes a Mrs. Fields bag that I got a couple months back to surprise my boyfriend with after he got his first tattoo done. A Home Depot receipt from the plaster casting assignment. One of many ping pong balls I keep in my car (i like to be prepared at parties and you can never have too many ping pong balls) These are the coordinates to my cache, feel free to try it out! It’s really close to campus so anyone who has a break in  between classes can check it out.


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