Week 13 // Art Experience // Art Care Package

This weeks art experience goes down as one of Art 110 most involved assignments to date! At the beginning of class, we each had to write our own addresses on a piece of paper to drop into a hat. When each person had dropped their own paper in the hat we had to pick at random. This assignment got me really excited because there is an element of surprise! When I found out who my person was, my mind was racing through all the things that I wanted to put in their care package. I have many sentimental memorabilia in my room, but part of me feels very apprehensive about giving away those moments. What if the person who receives my stuff doesn’t hold these items to the same sentimental value as I did and it gets lost? I guess I felt this way because our class as a whole haven’t built a strong enough relationship yet.

I decided to fill my care package with memorabilia from my childhood. Things that have been hoarded in my life since I was a young girl. Toys, drawing utensils, random trinkets.


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