Week 15 // Artist Convo // Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As the Crow Flies
Media: Ink through Relief Printing, Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: none
Instagram: none

About the Artist

Nancy Young is a student at CSULB pursuing her BFA in printmaking. This exhibit will be her final project as a student. Nancy Young’s academic career started back in 1984, she was put on academic probation due to bipolar disorder and issues relating to substance abuse. When she returned back to school, she took an art history course which fueled a new found passion of hers. She decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in printmaking. When Nancy isn’t working on her art she enjoys playing with her dogs and listening to music. Her dog stirs inspiration in her work and this positive relationship has made her consider adding another fur baby to her family.

Formal Analysis

Initially, I immediately saw crows. Everywhere, I saw crows. But it wasn’t until I took the time to visit each piece that I was able to pick up on the micro details that Nancy puts into each piece. She also explained to us how each piece was crafted a certain way with different materials from the piece sitting beside it. They each produced the same content, a crow, but was delivered and repackaged in different ways. The very last thing I noticed about Nancy’s exhibit was the beautiful sand drawing on the floor. The design was tampered by a crowd but it was an element to an exhibit I have yet to see all semester!

Content Analysis

Before Nancy began this project she had a plan. She stated that having a specific plan heightens an artists attention to detail while visually documenting form personal perspective. The goal of her exhibit was to embody this vision but she also learned how important it is to be able to alter the course of a project in order to finish on time. With this game plan in mind, Nancy dedicated a fairly large amount of time to learning from masters of her craft before beginning her project. Nancy also mentioned that she works at the Country of Orange as a programmer and doesn’t intend on making a living off her art. I get the feeling that Nancy’s profession as a programmer translates into her art. She likes structural art, which I think is awesome!


Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit! I appreciate Nancy Young for speaking about her past and being so open. She helped me better understand her work by thoroughly explaining how each piece was made and what tools she used in the process. I can tell that Nancy is doing what she loves and is enjoying life! I’m happy for her successes and hope that she continues to grow as an artist.


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