Week 12 // Artist Conversation // Jennifer Chen


Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Printmaking, Digital Print, Gloss, and Google Images
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen started her college career with a Bachelors Degree in biology. She claims that she has many interests and wants to pursue what ever intrigues her at that moment in her life. That was how she found her way to the fine arts department at CSULB. Jennifer is finishing up her last year at CSULB for a Masters in Fine Arts. She specializes in printmaking and next semester she is planning on teaching an intro to print making class. (Art 270) The theme of her exhibit explores microscopic and macroscopic disturbances in  landscape over time.

Formal Analysis

Jennifer’s uses Google Maps as a platform for her work. She will 3D print an image she finds on Google and will add other elements to give the image more depth. Her larger pieces take up to a week to finish and have to be broken up into different sections. As you can see from the images I uploaded, her work comes in many different sizes. She uses smaller canvases to show the microscopic disturbances (ex. bark) in our ecosystem. The larger canvases are used to show the macroscopic disturbances (ex. buildings and roads)

Content Analysis

Jennifer’s work exhibits landscapes after disturbances or natural disasters strike.

A “disturbance” is by definition “the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition”.

On the contrary a natural disaster is “a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life.”

I believe Jennifer wants to emphasize the difference between the two. While natural disasters are tragic, what human beings have done to our planet was a conscious choice. We have taken advantage of our planet and although it may not seem like it, one day it will all be very apparent how selfish our species are.

My Experience

Jennifer brings a unique quality to the world of art. Her background in biology emphasizes the factual aspects about the world we live. I definitely have an interest in the arts and she gives me inspiration to pursue my own interests.  I am currently pursuing a bachelors in accounting but that does not mean I should let my other interests die out in the back burner. Learning is a never ending journey. She got to experience working in both the medical field and the art industry. I’m sure there are things that she likes and dislikes about both, but unless she tried both she would have never known which path to choose.



Week 12 // Classmate Convo// Cheryl Peng


Cheryl Peng is an Aeries, like my mom. Her favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters. Her drink of choice is passion fruit green tea. She wants to visit Taiwan, China, or Korea over the summer and her favorite colors are maroon, teal, and lavender. Her favorite restaurant is In N Out. For WCW she would chose Rihanna. (I love Rihanna as well) Her biggest pet peeves are when people have chapped lips, when guys wear flip-flops, and when people drag their feet when they walk. The next big purchase Cheryl is investing in is a Disneyland pass, or at least a ticket.

Week 10 // Artist Conversation // Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil pastel, prints, carving, water based material, etc.

Gallery: Gastov West Gallery

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

About the Artist

The exhibit she showed last Thursday is the last one she will be showcasing at CSULB because she is expected to graduate this semester. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and later moved to southern California to pursue her passion in fine arts. She is deeply intrigued by carousels, which wasn’t hard to see by the nature of her exhibit. She gathered many of her inspirations by being around carousels. Her favorite place to go and be around carousels was in Griffith Park. When Helen Werner Cox is not working on her pieces, she enjoys gardening, reading fictional novels, and playing on her favorite App -“dots”.

Formal Analysis

I can see the hard work and dedication put into each piece by  Helen Werner Cox. She mentioned that each piece takes a while to complete but the amount of detail in each piece was insane. I noticed that her strokes are made up of lines. A bunch of long lines. I had to take a large step back to take in the large pieces. She had a sculpture in the left corner and I thought it was interesting that she used a human torso instead of a horse torso.

Content Analysis

Cox’s work reflects societies inability to grow. Like a carousel, society is a never ending spiral. A carousel goes round and round but it never goes anywhere. She feels that society is moving but not “moving on”. The horses in her drawings are portraying emotions humans feel in this never ending ride. The horses face show fear and anxiety. Merry go rounds used to portray a somewhat dark/scary message is genius.

My Experience

As I get older, the world becomes a scarier place. People are not nice, nothing is perfect, we are all doomed. We grow up thinking that life gets better as we get older, but that is not the case. The naivety of a child’s mind is a precious thing. Carousels are meant to bring happiness to kids and the fact that Cox was able to put a dark twist of reality into  a distant memory is remarkable. Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit and appreciate the the message Cox left within me.

Week 10 // Classmate Convo // Nancy Tran

IMG_0040 Nancy and I met for the first time last semester in our nutrition class. She is in her second year at CSULB as a healthcare admin major. She is considering entering the graduate program after she gets her BA. Her interests include baking, cooking, swimming, and hanging out with her close friends and family. For spring break, Nancy plans on studying and spending quality time with her family. Her favorite foods include sushi, American food, and green tea ice-cream. Her favorite drink is milk tea with boba. She recently got an internship at Saint Mary Medical Center. Nancy is the cutest little woman and reminds me a lot of my mother.

Week 10 // Art Experience // Group Portrait


We live in a day in age where technology is so prevalent in our everyday lives. It was interesting to see what my fellow classmates do outside of this class. Some people are more outspoken in person some are more outspoken on their social media. Everyone is different. The faces I see every week became that much more familiar. I shared my fur baby on my last post and my favorite part of this assignment was getting to see the other fur babies of my classmates.

Week 9 // Artist Conversation // Kimberly Morris

Artist: Kimberly Morris

Exhibition: What’s Mine Is Yours, What’s Real Is Not

Media: hair (real & synthetic)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: kim_morris_sculpture

About the Artist

Kimberly is originally from New Orleans. Prior to talking with Kimberly, I had no idea about the history of Louisiana and Creole people. She educated me about the history of Creole people and their mark in Louisiana. It gave me a better understanding of her work.  This is her third year at CSULB and she is in the masters program for sculpting. She received her BA at Northridge for painting and her MA for sculpting. Growing up, Kimberly’s family looked racially ambiguous. This led to bullying and judgement from peers at school and by standers in public. Her work is a reflection of all of the experiences she endured facing the reality of how society view race.

Formal Analysis

Well obviously, the first thing that stood out to me was that every single piece in her exhibit was made of HAIR. The hair was braided in one piece one piece and placed in a perfect spiral. Another piece had ethnic style hair (curly) and there was a gold brush separating it from western style hair (straight). The same piece of the spiral braids was used in a photo of the hair covering who I believe is the artist, Kimberly. The extensions along the wall had a beautiful gradient of black to red.

Content Analysis

Kimberly has struggled with identity, along with many of other young women. I struggled with an identity crisis growing up in a school of primarily caucasians. There is a undertone of pressure amongst girls to achieve a standard of beauty that is impossible. Growing up, I desperately wanted to be white. I would dye my hair blond, shop at stores with clothing that was designed for caucasian girls, I even tried eyelid glue/tape and circle lenses. It wasn’t until after high school that I realized what I was doing was twisted. Instead of loving myself for my uniqueness, I wanted to conform into a version of myself that a society dominated by caucasians deemed to be beautiful. This was in every way an impossible goal for me to achieve, yet I took extreme measure in hopes that one day I would wake up with big blue eyes, blond hair, and a long lean body.

My Experience

This experience took me back to a dark place. A place that took many years for me to bury myself into then dig myself back out. Today, I fall more and more in love with the person that I am. My small mono-lid eyes, my short height, my straight black hair, my small nose, my everything. These were all features that made me resent myself because the girls who were born with all of the features society found “beautiful” had is so much easier than I did. Its interesting to look back and think about all the late nights I spent morphing my face into something it could never be. Its some what amusing, yet terrifying. Why does society do this? Pick one size fits all type of beauty and expect anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria to alter themselves? I hope that every little girl who is struggling right now knows that IT DOES GET BETTER.



Week 9 // Art Experience // Moonbase Alpha

IMG_4534 The year is 2098 and I have landed on Moonbase Alpha at last! My name is Bob &  I have come from a land with a population of only 80 minions. We all look like this so our population declined dramatically because no one wanted to reproduce. Any who,  I have come in search of new land because I want to pursue my dream of becoming a barista. From my homeland, coffee was banned. I love coffee. Coffee is love coffee is life. After the prohibition of coffee, my life felt worthless. I haven’t had coffee in over 10 years. Moonbase Alpha is a place where dreams come true and I was tired of making excuses. Now that I am here, I want to leave my mark. I want to be the best barista in all of Moonbase Alpha. I’m going to miss my friends and family but they understood that how much I love coffee. Again, coffee is love coffee is life. I’m excited to see where my new life takes me. I have to give a shoutout to the three individuals who helped me achieve this dream come true. They have made a huge impact on my life and if you want to read more about their story click here! :

Patrick Dong: Patrick Dong

Nancy Tran: Nancy Tran

Jennifer Lee: Jennifer Lee